The Renovation Process

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We understand that renovations can be overwhelming and  complex. That's why we have outlined a step by step process below to help navigate your renovation project from A to Z.

Step One: Planning and Design Concept

Every project should have an end deliverable or product ready to be handed over when it is completed - for this to be successfully executed, it is imperative that a clear and well defined scope of work is established before renovation can begin. This step can be started just by simply writing down a brief list of things and items you want to see replaced, removed or added - begin with the major items you'd like to see changed and then move onto smaller details. It could also start with a simple 2D sketch on paper of what what your new bathroom  or kitchen layout will be for instance ; taking inspirations from online forum, magazines, or other media and making it unique to your style may also be a good idea. At this stage, it is also important to consider your budget, as it is directly related to the scope of work. It would be wise to commit to a certain ballpark budget before you move on.

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Step Two: PFG Site Consultation and Proposal

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First, we will hear your plans and ideas to discern the wants and needs - it would be a good idea to share with us any scope of work you may have. We will discuss your priorities, what is important to you during the construction process, and establish a preliminary design solution. We will also take down measurements and dimensions to help evaluate costs and quantities.  If your project requires building permits and engineering drawings( i.e. removing load bearings walls for example), we will advise you on the procedures necessary. Following this step, we will provide you with a proposal,a 3D design( where applicable), a clear defined scope of work and construction schedule.The time range it takes to reach the proposal stage will vary depending on complexity of the renovation and the obstacles involved ; it could be anywhere from a few days to several weeks or months.  Regardless, it would usually involve a collaborative effort between us and you to reach the end of this step.

Step Three: Selecting the Finishes


An initial discussion of material finishes would already have been discussed in step two to aid in establishing cost of materials, however this step will involve specific sample selections and visits to our vendor's showrooms.It is not uncommon for this step to be intertwined with step two above. We recommend you take your time to shop around and tour our showrooms to select your materials - these can include plumbing fixtures, counter-tops, cabinets, lights, floors, tiles, backslash,appliances and others depending on the renovation. We will also share photos and samples to help you narrow down the selections. Once you have picked the finishes, the products are then ordered and delivered. We recommend starting this step early as products take time to select, coordinate and be delivered. Allow time for damage, returns, and changing your mind. Keep in mind some products require storage in a conditioned space or other accommodations prior to installation.


Step Four: Pre Construction Walk-through 

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Custom kitchen cabinets in various stage

Prior to mobilization, we will conduct a site walk through together to review the schedule, discuss what you can expect over the coming days, and establish the following:

1 - Agree on an isolated work area:

This means we would delineate the area of work from the rest of the home. This is important because often the work area will accumulate dust and debris that needs to be contained so it does not migrate to the rest of the house. This also ensures that the work is organized and efficient.

2- Discuss work hours and times of access:

In order to be able  to adhere to the renovation schedule,      crews will need access to the scope of work area on an agreed upon work hour schedule through out the week. This will also help us understand your expectations during construction,      as renovations often involve noise from sawing, hammering etc.. A discussion of suitable work hours will help minimize disruptions.

3- Storage and staging area:

 Establishing a storage and staging area is important as this is     where the renovation materials will be delivered & stored, and     tools will be left overnight. Keeping an organized storage area     with tools and materials nicely stowed away at the end of             every work day will help ensure efficient construction 


4- We will also discuss other housekeeping items and issues          important to you.

  Step Five: Site Prep

On first day of mobilization, the bulk of the work will be spent performing site preparation activities and staging the area for construction  or demolition(depending on the project). This will often involve laying down carpet runners from the entrance area to the work area, installing poly sheet dust barriers between the work area and rest of the house with air seals at the ceilings and walls, and sealing return ducts in the work area( if applicable) to prevent dust from migrating through the HVAC system. Depending on the amount of dust expected, we may install a dust blower vacuum with a connection to an outside window. Other preparation work may involve temporary facilities such as temporary lights in unfinished areas, portable toilets( porta potty) on the outside for crews, and other items as may be applicable. These would initially be discussed in the planning stage of steps two and four.

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Step Six: Construction

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This is the execution phase of the project where the actual renovation takes place. With proper planning and staging established, this step can now be successfully tackled. During construction you can expect to receive progress updates throughout the renovation. Communication is key here.

The finishing touches towards the end of the renovation is critical also. To even the untrained eye, the smallest minute out of plumb trim panel or cabinet door will stick out like a sore thumb. It is important these finishes are given due attention and care and is completed by a competent experienced professional. You can trust that our meticulous attention to detail will render you a finish that will last ages to come.

Step Seven: Final walkthrough

At this point, your renovation project has come together and is ready to be handed over. At this step we will schedule a final walk-through together to tour the improved area, inspect the finishes and address any deficiencies. We will be just as thrilled when it's all complete!

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